Thursday, 31 October 2013

Allegri In Need of Different Approach to Revive AC Milan

Another season, but similar poor start made by AC Milan in their Serie A campaign as Rossoneri still stranded at 10th place with only 12 points from 10 matches. Albeit its' one point better compared to last season, there's obvious some serious scare from Milanisti, knowing that this season some of their rivals have made significant improvement based on their results, mainly AS Roma along with Napoli. This situation could very well jeopardize Massimiliano Allegri's men ambition to at least finish in top three by the end of this current season.

Obviously, Allegri need to immediately patch things up and get his side up into form again, as current condition raises question marks among the fans on what could possibly the main issue for Rossoneri's inconsistent form. Some questioning the players quality, others not keen with the tactician and there's who simply thinking both. Personally, none can be considered 100% correct as checking out on the rosters, Milan do have quality at least in their top 11-15 players, enough for competing with top Serie A sides. As for the head coach, well a guy who brought titles can't really be considered a slouch, though his style might not suit some of Red and Black fans.

So, what would be the appropriate answers to it? there might not be one that fully correct, as the issue might very well a complex situation from injury problems, lack of confidence, tactical approach, etch. Among those, I like to give the highlight on tactical approach which Mr Allegri selected, since it seems that there's a contrast situation which made Milan players can't seem to maximize any tactical shape during 90 minutes of matches. The team never looked in an organized shape for a full 90 minutes and simply showed glimpse of potential in random moments, such as the first 20 minutes, or last few minutes before the game is up.

That situation have been one of the main things that troubled Milan on the pitch as it's not easy to pick up good results when a side can't keep up their shape constantly for at least 70-75 minutes of play. Currently, there's only couple of games where Rossoneri can hold consistent shape on the pitch, notably their second leg win over PSV along with league victory against Cagliari. Personally, I think that the approach that Mr. Allegri been implementing so far doesn't seem to suit with players characteristics. As we now, the tactician is keen with a dynamic team and is rather pragmatic in his setup. It's not a bad thing obviously, but considering Milan players looked to be much more attacking minded, it's not easy to implement that dynamic pragmatic setup continously.

Milan players doesn't seem comfortable in playing too negative and also dropping deep while defending as they often rushed things when having the ball back or even while pressuring. This setup might only work again certain teams, such as Barcelona, but often isn't working when Rossoneri facing teams with lower or equal qualities. Notice when Milan started to drop deep in matches, they suddenly lose their shape and players going all over the place, this kind of condition basically signs of how uncomfortable they are when having to drop deeper.

Defending in modern football doesn't necessarily mean that a side should drop deep and packed their back-line as defending from way up or in the middle of pitch are more than possible. This could be another solution that Allegri can used, especially when facing teams in Serie A as breaking down an attack early, usually worked wonders in Italy this days. Another thing is obviously that instead of just working out the defensive part of his side, Count Max should also improved his side's attacking quality as that's basically Milan's main vocal point at the moment.

Having a good attacking system which can consistently worked, could made things easier as they can kill off opponent, before they regained any confidence during games. Not trying to neglect the back line, but by killing things early, sometimes opponents' won't have much courage in putting pressure on Milan. Many have been questioning the team's lack of creativity, while in truth, Rossoneri hardly have any problems in creating chances. Blaming on the midfield players, seems rather absurd in a way that they have quality players who have shown ability in holding the ball well against top Serie A teams. However, their attacking shape often looked inconsistent and showcased more improvisation instead of a fixed setup.

Having an attacking minded team, Allegri should probably pay a bit more attention in creating that strong setup up front, that can maximize their potential while slowly setting up the best defensive system. Eventually, having the team able to hurt their opponents, might lifted the players confidence, especially when forming their defensive duties, resulting in a much discipline performance on the pitch. The tactician should try to create that consistent organization setup both while going forward and defending and not just figuring out the defensive aspect only.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Milanello View: The Metronoic Montolivo at Milan

Riccardo Montolivo's arrival at AC Milan last summer carried little doubts from many Rossoneri faithful on whether his the right man to lead Milan's midfield line after being left with names such as Andrea Pirlo, Clarence Seedorf and also Gennaro Gattuso. That trust didn't escalated much during the early part of Milan's new season as they were struggling to pick up positive results, while Montolivo himself was still adapting with his new teammates along with several different midfield positions during those days.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Ac Milan Eager to End San Siro Taboo Before Inter

Suffering three defeats from four games, is not the start that AC Milan were writing in their early season script, but just like a series of unfortunate events, that's simply the fate that Rossoneri must endure.

After last weekend's defeat against Udinese, this midweek, the Rossoneri already have the chance to redeem their current bad patch, although many problems still clouding their path.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

9 Men Milan Stumble Again

AC Milan tasted another defeat but Massimiliano Allegri's future apparently might still alive considering the messy circumstances that hit Il Rossoneri at Friuli stadium.

 Having two players sent off in the second period simply cost Milan the game, which is already difficult to begin with. Cristian Zapata might reconsider his decision to lunge a tackle the resulted in his dismissal along with a penalty kick, but Kevin Prince Boateng might really need to control his discipline after he also got a marching order 10 minutes from time.